Hi, I'm Katie

I'm a white, queer, fat, nonbinary femme and I use they/them pronouns. 

Outside of work, you might find me working on an embroidery project, snuggling my cats, writing poetry, or spending time under a really good tree.

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. I am a therapist and doula who supports people around all reproductive experiences including fertility, pregnancy, abortion, postpartum adjustment and mood changes, traumatic birth experiences, miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss. I also find deep tenderness in supporting queer and trans people who have experienced trauma and when working with the parts of us that try to help soothe distress through stigmatized strategies such as alcohol and substance use, dissociation, self-harm, suicidality, and disordered eating.

I offer a relational and trauma-informed approach to my work and approach the therapeutic relationship with curiosity, transparency, and humor to create a nonjudgmental space that honors the knowledge that clients bring while offering tools to craft new stories of healing and thriving. 

I strive to practice from an anti-oppressive, non-pathologizing perspective while acknowledging the ways that the mental health field is rooted in colonialism and white supremacy. 

My work has been shaped by and seeks to honor the experiences of those who have been harmed by the mental health system.


Master of Social Work – Boston University (2020)
Master of Divinity – Boston University (2021)