The world is hard,
let's figure out how to surivive it together.

Playful, compassionate, individual psychotherapy for adolescents and adults to try on new ways of being and relating to ourselves and our world.

My approach to therapy

I'm trained in Internal Family Systems and EMDR Therapy. I also integrate narrative therapy into my work. 

What that means to me: I believe we all have lots of parts of ourselves that are all trying their best to be helpful and deserve to be met with compassion and care. We have learned all kinds of ingenious ways to survive, even if we also have parts of us that judge those same survival strategies. Traumatic experiences can force our internal system to reorganize around it and drive many of our parts to either try and prevent it from happening again, or to soothe the pain that come with reminders that it happened at all. And when these parts are working overtime, it can become difficult to really be with ourselves, understand our own story, and experience our pain being witnessed and held.

The work of therapy is to get really curious about the ways we move through the world, appreciate all the ways these parts and their ingenious strategies have helped us survive, possibly reprocess past traumatic experiences that parts of us keep reliving, and find new ways of being in the world that feel authentic and aligned with our values. Therapy makes this more possible through a relationship with a nonjudgmental person (like me!) who believes in your goodness and can hold hope and compassion and curiosity even in the moments when you can't.